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Street lawyering project completed nine months of supporting homeless people

In August 2020 HumanRights360 took the initiative, to create and implement an ambitious and innovative project in order to provide legal aid to homeless population, by collaborating with Steps in the street work.

Amid the pandemic in Athens, many people were found in a marginalized situation of being. Homeless people, users of psychoactive substances, sex workers, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, people without legal documents, prisoners, people with mental health problems. All these vulnerable groups as well as the dramatic deterioration of their situation due to a pandemic were the reason that “imposed” the creation of this intervention.

Katerina Pournara, lawyer and coordinator of the project, points out that, «During these recent months, we are witnessing an unprecedented social exclusion of people, on the streets of Athens. Our experience has shown that the provision of legal support can lead to the settlement of pending issues but also to mobilize people, being the first but certainly a necessary step for them to ensure an autonomous way of life».

In this publication, we present the results of the project’s first nine months and the significant impact on homeless population. The project not only continues supporting successfully the most vulnerable groups, but we also managed to expand the street lawyering team, highlighting the significant need for an ongoing support network for homeless people.

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