Regranting actions

Aiming to empower our efforts to support the most vulnerable groups and to assist overcoming any type of discriminations, we have successfully managed and completed a significant amount of regranting donations to civil society organizations, always with the long-term goal of equal access in human rights for all people.

The organisations, which have supported up to now, are the following:

  1. Greek Council for Refugees (GCR):

The fund strengthens the psychological services and the employment counselling services offered at PYXIDA Intercultural Center of GCR by adding 2 staff members, a child-psychologist and an employment counsellor for 12 months.

  1. Mazí Housing project :

The fund supports Mazí community space in order to act as a base for all Mazí activities and bring consistency and sustainability to the project in a healthy, Covid-safe environment.

  1. Afrogreeks – Documatism:

The fund supports the ongoing «AfroGreeks» project and its actions in order to reflect the functional integration of the Greeks second generation (and of African descent) with respect to their tradition and their evolution through modern ways of expression.

  1. CommonGround- NGO:

The donation is related to the general support of the organization, which aims to support the cooperation of NGOs, researchers and activists to develop common goals and work together to achieve them.

  1. We need books:

The donation supports the services of the organization to the beneficiaries but also the general operating costs of the first multilingual library in Greece, a space in which it actively promotes social inclusion, interculturalism and education.

  1. Doctors of the World of Greece:

The donation supports services and other operating expenses of the organization, which offers access to medical services for all people in need.

  1. Nomades Artcore:

The fund supports the LET THE CHILDREN TALK project, which is based on the collaboration of people from different fields of art, research, and science about refugee children. The project includes guided tours on photography exhibition and installation with documents from the last decade, dedicated to refugee children, workshops and discussions.

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