Sustainable Development – Green Ideas

Recognizing the need for actions that enhance sustainable development,, we  are organizing the Green Ideas Greece competition, in collaboration with HIGGS, since 2020.

The competition is organized in the framework of the ‘Balkan Green Ideas’ (BGI), implemented for the last 9 years by the Balkan Green Foundation.

The competition aims to support innovative green and / or social ideas, enabling teams to develop ideas using local resources and networks. At the same time, it aims to contribute to the creation of a sustainable cooperation between the Balkan countries.

Entries / ideas that meet the criteria can apply through the online form.

Independent evaluators will select ten ideas for the local competition. The ideas that will be selected will compete in the local competition. In the next step, the independent evaluators will select three winning ideas that will receive a cash prize, as well as the adequate support in order to continue with the implementation of their ideas. The three winning ideas will be participating in the Balkan competition.

Five ideas receive a cash prize, three from $ 10,000 and two from $ 5,000, depending on the category they are competing for.

There are two categories of competing ideas. In category (a) ‘New ideas’, in which groups of citizens and independent individuals can compete. A prize of € 2,500 is provided. Category (b) concerns ‘Enterprises at an early stage of development’, for ideas which have an established legal form (Company, AMKE, Association, etc). There are two prizes of € 5,000, in total.

You can visit the contest website, or the facebook page for more information.

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