Our organization, HumanRights360, pursues a policy of zero tolerance for corruption and mismanagement, as well as a policy of good governance, and applies the principles of transparency and accountability in all its programs and activities. Encourages the expression of your views, comments, and suggestions to improve through them its role and services in civil society.

HumanRights360 has set up a process for submitting a complaint through which you can report any suspicions of mismanagement of funds, conflict of interest, corruption of the organization, its members, or employees. The procedures that we apply in the management of your complaints, derive from our principles, the most basic of which are:

  • all traders with our organization enjoy equal treatment and equal degree of protection of their interests
  • Complaints are handled in accordance with good faith, transactional ethics, and the applicable legal and regulatory framework
  • each complaint is separate and as such requires due attention, sensitivity and understanding
  • each complaint is investigated diligently and without discrimination, through the collection and processing of all relevant data and information; and
  • we exhaust any possibility of immediate settlement of the complaint and service of the complainant.


When will you receive an answer: Once the process of investigating your complaint is completed, you are informed in writing about the issue you raised with us (proposed solution, clarifications, sanctions, etc.). The time limits for our response are set at 45 calendar days, maximum from the submission of the complaint. However, when, for an important reason, our answer is not possible within the above defined period of time, we take care to inform you about the reason for the delay and the new deadline for our answer.

We would like to inform you that filing a complaint with our organization does not negate the possibility of legal action against your legal claims, nor does it interrupt their statute of limitations.

HR360 collects the above data that you enter in the form and which are absolutely necessary in order to contact you and ensure the best possible service. The above data will remain in our files until the completion of our communication, unless during the communication a new purpose arises for which further processing is necessary. For more information on the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, read the Privacy Policy

For our organization to be able to handle and respond to any of your complaints, you must choose between the following ways of submitting them:

  • Filling in the online complaint form
  • Sending an e-mail to:
  • Sending a letter by post to:
    Human Rights360 Civil Non-Profit Company, Vas. Sofias 95, PC 11521, Athens

To facilitate our work, when you file a complaint in any way you choose, make sure to:

  • Provide your personal information, which will allow us to contact you and identify the cause of your complaint (name, contact details, patronymic, VAT Reg No). In case you wish to receive a response and / or confirmation of receipt of the item in a specific way (eg orally to a specific telephone number, in writing to a different address from the shipping address), please inform us.
  • Describe the issue accurately and justify it with as much information and evidence as possible, facilitating further investigation.
  • Ensure your legitimacy for filing a complaint. Our organization, bound by the provisions of confidentiality and confidentiality, has the right to investigate matters on behalf of the beneficiaries / stakeholders to which it responds.

After submitting your complaint, the organization carefully studies the issue you mention and in case we need additional information, we may contact you. Then your issue is investigated in collaboration with the executives of our organization.

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