Our organization HUMANRIGHTS360 ensures high ethical standards in all its activities and attaches paramount importance to legitimacy, respect, honesty, reliability, and consistency. Encourages the reporting of incidents of immoral or illegal behavior within the organization, to prevent and deter misconduct that could affect and damage its reputation and credibility, but also to contribute to the promotion and development of a culture of accountability and integrity within the organization.

HUMANRIGHTS360 has established a grievance process through which you can report your concerns about unfair practices and illegal or immoral acts and actions you find within the organization. The procedures that we apply in the management of such a process, derive from our principles, the most basic of which are:

  • anyone that is filing an individual grievance, enjoy equal treatment and an equal degree of protection of their interests,
  • All incidents are investigated and dealt with in good faith, through the collection and processing of any direct or relevant evidence and information,
  • each incident is separate and requires due attention, sensitivity and understanding
  • each incident is handled independently and with respect to the person that filed it.
  • every effort is made to investigate the incident and to satisfy the person that filed it.


When will you receive an answer: Once the process of investigating the grievance is completed, you will be informed in writing about the issue you raised with us (proposed solution, clarifications, sanctions, etc.). The time limits for our response are set at 45 calendar days, maximum from the submission of the incident. However, when, for an important reason, our answer is not possible within the above defined  period of time, we take care to inform you about the reason for the delay and the new deadline for our answer.

We would like to inform you that filing a grievance with our organization does not negate the possibility of legal action against your legal claims, nor does it interrupt their statute of limitations.

HR360 collects the above data that you enter in the form and which are absolutely necessary in order to contact you and ensure the best possible service. The above data will remain in our files until the completion of our communication, unless during the communication a new purpose arises for which further processing is necessary. For more information on the processing of your personal data and the exercise of your rights, read the Privacy Policy

For our organization to be able to manage and respond to any of such an incident, you will need to complete the standard online form.

To facilitate our work, please, when filing an individual grievance, make sure that you describe the issue of the incident accurately and justify it with as much information and evidence as possible, facilitating its further investigation.

After submitting an individual grievance, the organization carefully studies the issue you mention and in case additional information is needed we will contact you. The incident is being investigated by the competent Committee in cooperation with the competent executives of our organization.

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