Registry of Cultural Organizations

HumanRights360 is registered in the Registry of Cultural Organizations: 3647 Registration Date: 05-12-2018.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has created a mechanism for recording and monitoring the projects and the evolution of their work, with transparent and consistent criteria, allowing the institutions that have cultural activity and are registered in the Registertry of Cultural Organizations, to receive information on programs aimed at cultural operators (national, European, international) and other sources of financial support for their activity; helping in the mapping of cultural activity in Greece and networking between the actors.

National Register of Greek and Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

HumanRights360 is registered in the National Register of Greek and Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) active in the areas of international protection, migration and social integration Register Number: 190619983522

Transparency Registry

HumanRights360 is a member of the European Union Transparency Registry since 31.7.2018, Identification Number: 202382032206-34

The EU Transparency Registry has been set up so that citizens can, and even must, expect the EU decision-making process to be as transparent and open as possible in order to allow proper control and accountability of the Union institutions. The more open this process, the easier it is to ensure balanced representation and avoid unreasonable pressures and illegal or privileged access to information or decision makers. Transparency also plays a key role in encouraging European citizens to participate more actively in the democratic life of the EU.

The Transparency Registry was created to answer key questions, including what interests are sought, by whom and with what budget. The European Parliament and the European Commission are jointly responsible for the operation of the system.