Gender Equality in HumanRights360

HumanRights360, since the very beginning of its existence and throughout its interventions, is committed to upholding and promoting values of high moral content and great social impact, something that characterizes its presence both publicly and internally.

The Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence and Harassment Policy at Work clearly sets out the principles and values as well as the rules of conduct adopted by HumanRights360.

We are committed to promoting and defending equality and diversity by ensuring a balanced and encouraging work environment that also promotes reconciliation between work and personal life and equal distribution of care between men and women. At the same time, it promotes the balanced participation of women and men in managerial positions or in scientific teams that are formed in the organization as well as in equality in professional development.

HumanRights360 is known equally staffing the organization’s job openings, equally paying for similar jobs, regardless of the gender, and applies an equal and fair recruitment process to its staff.

HumanRights360 follows firmly the law at all levels and is particularly sensitive to the protection of motherhood, helping to prevent gender-based violence and sexism.

For all these reasons, we invest, among other things, in continuous information and training regarding equality and diversity.

In addition, HumanRights360 has implemented the following steps, to continually improve gender equality issues:

  • Has created a project team that implements pilot actions under “Share” program.
  • Has assessed the needs among employees to ensure gender equality in the workplace.
  • Has developed an action plan with the implementation of specific policies including the balance of work with personal and family life, as well as a plan to monitor these actions.
  • Implementation of a seminar for all staff entitled “Equal Treatment in the Workplace: Combating Gender Discrimination, Stereotypes, Violence and Harassment”.
  • Has revised its “Policy for Gender Equality at Workplace” with the aim of continuous improvement.
  • Has completed the revision of its “Code of Conduct” to follow the above and create a strong anti-discrimination framework.

In the months to come, HumanRights360 is committed to:

  • Enhance the knowledge about the policies implemented by the organization and concern directly of indirectly its employees.
  • Develop measures for the balance of professional and family / private life.
  • Develop a unified corporate culture on gender issues.
  • Focus on gender issues through its actions and intervention, highlighting that gender equality is an integral part of human rights field. In this context, HumanRIghts360 will try to develop synergies with other structures and organizations.
  • Εnsure that the employees are included in the formulation of policies regarding equality.
  • To review its public presence so that it is always aligned with the equality policies it implements, for example through its website and official social media pages.
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