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Conference: Prison education. Family life and Civilization- a reintegration pathway

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Αll hours are in Greek time zone – GMT+2


Friday, 12 February 2021 – Time 10: 00–15:00

10:00 – 10:30
Welcome remarks:
Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection,
prof. Chr. Zarafonitou, Epanodos President of Board,
Fotini Milioni, Epanodos Director, representative of the CUP project

10.30 – 12.00
First Session
Prison education and employmentΑ reintegration pathway



  1. Yannis Petsas (PhD prison policy)
    The effect of education on the reintegration of prisoners”
  2. Ioannis Fovos, Director of Educational Units of Youth Detention Center of Volos
    “Education and training in prison as a pathway towards employability and reintegration”
  3. Yorgos Trantas, Director of Education Units of Larissa prison, Member of Epea Hellas Board
    «Difficulties and challenges during the pandemic»
  4. Marios Vryonides (academic expert, European University Cyprus, CUP project)
    Motives and expectations of young prisoners for their participation in prison educational programmes”
  5. Theo van de Veerdonk (Tirantes / Netherlands),
    “Outside in, inside out”
  6. Intervention from the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection


12:00 – 12:10

12.15 – 13:45
Second session
Reconciliation of detention and family life- building a strong reintegration pathway



  1. George Nikolaidis, Psychiatrist, Head of Dep. of Mental Health & Social Welfare, Centre for Study & Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect
    “Communication of prisoners with their children: short and long-term benefits”
  2. Christos Psychos, Director of Grevena Prison
    The role of family in the smooth social reintegration of prisoners. Pilot program implementation in Grevena Prison”.
  3. Martha Lempesi, Sociologist, Epanodos
    Dreams and expectations of women prisoners as regards social reintegration: The family factor”
  4. Tina Törrönen, FREEDOM GATE GREECE.
    The support of family environment of prisoners and the management of prison time”.
  5. Katerina Pournara (Street lawyering project, HumanRights360) “Ex-prisoners’ homelessness and the lack of supportive family framework”


13:45 – 13:55

14:00 – 15:30
Third session

Cultural activities in prison



  1. Αnna Kasapoglou, PhD of Criminology for University of Thrace, Member of SEP, Greek Open University
    Literature as a point of encounter of prisoners and art workers”
  2. Sofia Giovanoglou, PhD from the Law School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Coordinator of Intercultural Education
    “Cesare deve morire”: Theatre art as a factor of transition from prison cell towards freedom”
  3. Stathis Grapsas, Director, facilitator of programs within Greek prisons
    “The Personal Development Workshop for Prisoners during the pandemic”.
  4. Claudio Montagna, Art director at the Teatro e Società Association
    “The theater as a way to convey knowledge between prison and city community.”
  5. Intervention from the Women Prisoners and Ex-prisoners’ Supporting Network.