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«X them out – The Black Map of the racist violence attacks travels to Mytilene»

The exhibition as well as the “X them out – The Black Map of Athens” campaign, jointly implemented by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and HumanRights360, will be transferred to Mytilene. From Thursday 6 of June until Sunday 9 of June, 51 comics designed by 26 artists will be exhibited at the Mosaik Support Center (Saphous 9, Mytilene).

This first transfer of the exhibition will take place after University of Aegean’s initiative, on the framework of the conference “The Social Sciences Today – Dilemmas and Prospects beyond the Crisis”. At the same time, this transfer signalizes the second phase of the campaign, which has already begun to include more comics in order to to capture racist attacks across Greece.

The Campaign will be presented on Saturday 8 June at 4 pm, in the conference, at the event entitled “Tribute to Henri Lefebvre: The Right to the City and Anti-Racism Geography – The Right to the City as an Act of Resistance. Examples of Anti-racist Geography “.

Opening hours of the exhibition:

Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June: 16:00 to 21:00

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June: 10:00 to 14:00

On Friday, 7 of June, at 18:00 at Mosaik Support Center, a panel discussion is organized on the occasion of the book “Persistent Myths about Immigration in Greece”. The book is published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

In the panel discussion will participate:

  • Eleni Takou, one of the book’s writers – Deputy Director of HumanRights360
  • Vassilis Kerassiotis – Director of HIAS Greece.
  • Efi Latsoudi – Refugees Support Aegean / Lesvos Solidarity Pikpa


Comics by:

Adamopoulou, Anastasiou, Vavayiannis, Giakoumakis, Derveniotis, Theodoropoulou, Karageorgiou, Karabalios, Kefalas, Kioutsoukis, Kountouris, Mikalef, Botsos, Nikolaidou, Othoneou, Petropoulos, Petrou, Chalkias, Aspallax, Bratimoto, John Antono, No BugdetEpics, Panagos, PanPan, Piotr, Tasmar


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