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X them out – The Black Map of Athens

The Campaign “X them out – The Black Map of Athens” was designed to identify within the city of Athens and to highlight the under-reported hate crime in the public space. It is a joint initiative of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF) and HumanRights360.

Recognizing that 2019 is a crucial year for the evolution of the Golden Dawn trial, the process of which brought to light a lot of its racist crimes, we have created this joint initiative aiming both at highlighting the topography of racist violence and spread widely to the public its dangers. The created map depicts in detail both the attacks themselves and the stories behind them. (https://valtousx.gr/) By clicking on the map, the visitor realizes that each point is not just an address but a place of violence, a point where a violent attack took place in the neighborhoods of Athens, next to us.

Twenty-five creators of the visual image have helped significantly in this effort. By using their work as a weapon against racist violence, they illustrated the incidents so that we can capture the horror and the effects of both visible and invisible violence.

The work of these artists will be presented at an exhibition that will take place in Technopolis City of Athens from Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th March 2019 under the auspices of the Athens Migrant Integration Council.

The exhibition will also be featured by debates and parallel events.


Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (RLF) Office in Greece https://rosalux.gr is a left-wing German institute of political education belonging to the international network of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS) and established in Greece since 2012. Antifascism and antiracism are two of its main topics of action.

HumanRights360 is a newly founded civil society organization established in Greece. Our mission is to protect and empower the rights of all, with no discrimination, but with special focus on vulnerable populations. In this context, HumanRights360 implements a set of actions against racism, xenophobia and hate crimes.