Project: Mapping, Tracking and Advocating for Funds to Address Migrants’ Mental Health

Targets: Support to perform key research and communication tasks to provide a clear picture of the size and uses of EU funds designated for migrants’ health, with a focus on mental health relevant to two focus countries (Greece and Italy).



  • Identification of funds for mental health in order to determine if they target mental health activities.
  • Determination of budgeted and actual expenditures relating to relevant funds.
  • Analysis of available budget documents and expenditure date from Italy and Greece, with a view to revealing possible systemic issues that hinder efficient spending of funds and/or act as barriers to supporting migrants’ mental health.
  • Identification of institutional bodies in charge of overseeing relevant funds at EU and Member State levels (focus in Italy and Greece) and assessment of their work in order to flag possible gaps in accountability; and
  • Advocacy activities to raise awareness and promote increased financial allocations for migrants’ mental health at EU and national level.

 Results:  Provision of mapping, tracking and advocating for funds to address Migrants Mental Health.

Implementation period: 2018

The project is implemented with European Public Health Alliance, through the support of Open Society Public Health Program.