14 Apr
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Racist rhetoric and violence incidents in Tympaki village in Crete, August & September 2020. Recording and providing legal assistance to one of the victims.

“Migrants living in Tympaki of Crete were victims of racist attacks which happened during August and September 2020. These racist incidents in the region seem to be the result of far-right action as well as targeted anti-migrant rhetoric against migrants in ​​Messaria in Heraklion, Crete. At the same time these racist incidents constitute an escalation of previous attacks against unsuspecting migrants in Messaria of Heraklion.

The exploitation of land workers in the area is a generalized phenomenon which makes them even more vulnerable to denouncing these attacks as most of them remain “hostages” in a status without legal documentation.

The existence of far-right supporters, in the regional and municipal councils is also particularly alarming because they “legitimize” even more the far-right rhetoric in the area by shaping the adequate climate in the region.

HumanRights360 closely monitors the specific cases and developments in the region, having recorded incidents of racist violence attacks and filing criminal complaint against individuals who directly incite to commit crimes against migrants. At the same time, HumanRights360 has undertaken the legal assistance and defense of victims of racist violence. “