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HR360 participates in roundtable of the Jewish Community of Athens on migration and refugee protection

On Sunday 11 March, the Director of HumanRights360, Epaminondas Farmakis, participated in a very interesting discussion at the premises of the Jewish Community of Athens on the development of migration and refugee protection.

Main focus of the intervention was that the EU has chosen to address the anxieties of its constituent by paying high amounts to Governments to extend its borders and criminalize migration instead of providing long term solutions on integration. Examples are 1.3 bln euros to Greece, 6 bn to Turkey, S. Sudan 1.4 bn Congo 545 mln and Libya 300 mln – it is scandalous that Greece would be allocated such a high amount compared to the 40,000 refugees in Greece and millions in other countries. For Greece, there is a greater paradox with the funding allocated – why are the conditions for stranded refugees so horrible and still deteriorating after three years? There is a total lack of responsibility and no transparency as to where the funds go in terms of no information by the Greek Government.

With populations increasingly on the move due to war or climate change, it is time that we view these populations as an investment and use tools such as social impact bonds and training at countries of origin as means to achieve greater integration and more attention to human rights.

Very interesting and important intervention were also made by Apostolos Veizis (Doctors without Borders), Lefteris Papagiannakis (Vice-mayor of Athens for Refugees and Migrants) and Kleio Papapantoleon (Hellenic League for Human Rights).