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Extension of the exhibition “X them out – The Black Map of Athens” until Monday 25 March

After five days of great response and attendance of people to the exhibition “X them out – The Black Map of Athens”, its duration is extended until Monday, March 25th. From last Wednesday until Sunday, hundreds of people passed through Technopolis to see and get awareness of the incidents presented in the Campaign. All these people shared with us emotional and supportive feelings, clarifying that it was really necessary to extend this action, so that more people can get awareness of crimes that happened next to us.

The exhibition presents 50 racist violence incidents which happened next to us, in Athens, in our neighborhoods. All these cases must not be forgotten. On the opposite, they should be the reason for eliminating racist violence and all kinds of xenophobic incidents in the streets of Athens. For all these reasons and by wanting to give our fellow citizens the chance to visit the exhibition, it will continue to be held in Technopolis until Monday, March 25, 2018, from 13:00 to 21:00.

The exhibition is under the auspices of the Council for Immigrants and Refugees Integration Council of the Municipality of Athens.

The artists participating in the exhibition:

Adamopoulou, Anastasiou, Vavayiannis, Yakoumakis, Derveniotis, Theodoropoulou, Karageorgiou, Karabalios, Kefalas, Kountouris, Mikalef, Botsos, Nicolaidou, Othonou, Petropoulou, Petros, Chalkias, Aspallax, Bramoto, John Antono, No Bugdet Epics, Panagos , PanPan, Piotr and Tasmar.




Technopolis City of Athens: Piraeus 100, Gazi, 213 0109300, 213 0109324

press@athens-technopolis.gr, www.technopolis-athens.com


Access: Metro: Kerameikos Station, Trolley: No. 21 (from Omonoia), Fotaerio Bus Stop, Bus: 035, 049, 227, 815, 838, 914, B18, C18,