The Convicts Upskilling Pathways is a 36-month project funded by the EU’s Erasmus + programme that aims to design and pilot training modules for the upskilling of women and men prisoners in 6 European prisons while also providing the necessary tools to evaluate the impact of these upskilling paths and promoting the social reintegration of prisoners.

CUP is an international partnership spanning 4 EU countries including Italy, Greece, Cyprus and The Netherlands. Partners comprise a variety of organisations and prison administrations including: Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri, Fondazione Zancan and Turin’s prison in Italy; Human Rights 360, EPANODOS and 3 prison administrations in Greece; TIRANTES and 1 prison in The Netherlands; and the European University of Cyprus, school of Humanities Social and Education Sciences and Cyprus Central Prison. Associated partners include the Bureau Nazorg (the Dutch local authority for the reintegration of ex-convicts) and Estabelecimento Prisional de Leiria Prison in Portugal.

Specifically, the project will aim to:

  1. Design successful training modules (e.g. modules based on technical skills as a mean of embedded learning for soft and basic skills) aimed at enhancing the medium and long-term employability of convicts and ex-convicts.
  2. Promote an overall culture of evaluation: CUP aims to offer an evaluation kit that prison administrations and third sector organizations can use to measure the progress and the impact of their upskilling actions.
  3. Develop a “Call to Action” advocacy strategy targeting policy makers and stakeholders to counteract stigma and a disabling environment for the social reintegration of convicts.

The CUP project is launched in Turin
Torino, 28/29 November 2019

All European partners of the CUP project gathered in Turin on 28 and 29th November to kick-start the project together.  The two-day meeting helped to set strong foundations for the project, which will be implemented in Italy, Greece, Cyprus and The Netherlands. This was also an opportunity to visit the excellent educational work led by Turin’s prison Lorusso e Cutugno. CUP partners agreed a shared workplan that will engage them in the collection of data for a multi-country baseline as well as the development of the project’s educational, monitoring and awareness raising tools.