HumanRights360 relies on an intellectual trust of cross-sectoral leaders to think through and shape up our long term strategy and direction forward.

These leaders — individuals who engage with the NGO community and are interested in its evolution — comprise our advisory council. The group includes NGO, former government, multilateral, corporate, think tank, university, and other leaders, bringing outside voices to this dialogue.

Nikos Charalambides

Born in Athens.

Studied Physics in the University of Athens. Post graduate studies (MSc) in the University Pierre et Marie Currie (Paris VI) in France on Meteorology-Oceanology. Post graduate studies (MSc) in the University of Athens in General Oceanography.

Since 1985 actively involved in environmental protection, mainly through grass root organizations. Joined Greenpeace in 1992 as ocean ecology campaigner. In 1998 he became coordinator of the campaigns department. Since 2002 he is the Executive Director of Greenpeace in Greece.

Actively following the debate on energy-climate change for more than 10 years, focusing on solutions work (increase renewable energy production and energy efficiency). Also working in the direction of Green Development, focusing on the need to find solutions that will get us out of the dual crisis (climate and financial) while showcasing concrete examples.

Active in promoting change both in legislation, consumption habits and production in Greece and globally. Leading an international team that is trying to identify opportunities in crises and promote systemic change for a more fair and equal world. More recent focus is on identifying common grounds and synergies between humanitarian and environmental challenges.

He has been

  • Board member of the National Center of Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • Member of the National Committee for Energy Planning.
  • Board Member of the National Organization for Recycling.
  • Board member of the Climate Action Network – Europe.
  • Member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – Species Survival Commission.
  • Member of the Leadership Council of the Sustainable Solutions Network Greece.

Writer of several books and numerous articles on environmental protection, the role of civil society and NGOs, climate change, corporate responsibility, green development and sustainability.

Dr DAMASKOU ANNA, Chair of the Board of Transparency International-Greece

has been the Chair of the Board of Transparency International-Greece since October 2017. Before, she was a long-standing researcher for Transparency International, while she has been publishing extensively in the fields of good governance and anti-corruption.

Dr Damaskou has carried out post-doctoral research in the University of Luxembourg in the fields of EU financial criminal law and EU Banking Union law, while she holds a PhD degree from the Queen Mary University of London in the field of EU financial criminal, as well as an LL.M degree from the London School of Economics & Political Science focusing on banking and financial law.

Before joining the international organization-development bank, where she is currently employed, Dr Damaskou worked for EU and national regulatory/supervisory authorities of the banking and financial sectors, as well as in the compliance function of commercial banking.

Kirpatrick Day

Kirpatrick Day

has spent the majority of his 20-year professional career responding to crises and conflicts around the world. From his earliest days reporting from the frontlines of the war in what was then Zaire until today, Mr. Day has passionately advocated for the needs of refugees and dispossessed. Mr. Day poured this passion into designing and managing cutting-edge, large-scale conflict response and post-conflict reconstruction programs in Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, East Timor, and Afghanistan among others on behalf of the U.S. government’s Agency for International Development, where he held numerous senior management positions and crafted the Agency’s first-ever conflict management and mitigation strategy.

A widely-respected strategic thinker, skilled manager, and gifted communicator, Mr. Day’s insights and skills are regular sought out. As such, he was asked to lead the International Rescue Committee’s response to the refugee crisis in Europe in 2015, spearheading activities on the Greek island of Lesvos, and elsewhere in the region. Mr. Day continues to parlay the breadth of his experience and expertise into innovative initiatives, providing strategic guidance to an array of international organizations, private sector entities and high-caliber local groups responding to crises.

Joanna Perry

is an independent consultant with 20 years’ experience in international hate crime policy, law, research and practice. She is particularly interested in understanding and supporting connections across institutional ‘divides’ for the benefit of victims and affected communities. Since 2015 she has consulted with a range of NGOs, intergovernmental organisations and national criminal justice agencies to diagnose and improve hate crime responses. She has developed online learning on hate crime with the Facing Facts project since 2015.  Joanna convenes Birkbeck College’s master’s module on hate crime and is a research fellow at the Institute for Criminal Policy Research. She was co-chair of the advisory board of the International Network for Hate Studies from 2015-2017 and has widely published in the field. She has previously held roles at Victim Support, the Crown Prosecution Service, both in the United Kingdom, and the OSCE Office for Security and Cooperation in Europe