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2018 CSO’s report on irregular migration for South-Eastern Europe

In Greece, during 2018, the arrivals from the land borders of Evros were significant increased (by 63%) compared to 2017 promoting the Evros land borders to a significant entry-point for mixed migration flows.
Despite the low visibility in terms of policy and media, Evros land borders gradually became the major point of entry for irregular migrants setting more pressure to the inadequate reception conditions in the closed Reception and Identification Center (RIC) of Fylakio Orestiada/Evros.
The increased arrivals at the Evros land border which is not under the EU-Turkey Statement implementation, have further added to the arbitrary and concerning practices of informal forcible removals (push-backs) of foreign nationals from Greece to Turkey at the Evros river border;


Read the report here: https://www.humanrights360.org/wp-content/uploads/2018_CSOs-REPORT-ON-IRREGULAR-MIGRATION-FOR-SOUTH-EASTERN-EUROPE.pdf